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Canteen and school menu

Based on the needs that we believe to be common to all the pupils that make up our educational community, we strongly support the inclusion in our Educational Project of a programme where the proposal for midday — which goes beyond the conventional school canteen — is carried out in a pleasant, interactive and enriching atmosphere. Among other aspects, the dining and kitchen space on Pearson Ave. should be a place that includes:

  • A variety of colours and tastes to make for a more diverse and healthy diet.
  • An area that recalls the home dining room.
  • A canteen where meal times are respected.
  • Serving of quantities that meet the minimum and maximum requirements according to age.
  • Fostering an atmosphere of autonomy.
  • A canteen that helps to prevent food waste.
  • Continuing to be a space in which to work on habits.

We are committed to the cold line** in both centres, consisting of the preparation and flavouring of meals in the traditional way, using local organic produce. 

**Cold line: The cold line consists of the preparation and flavouring of meals in the traditional way. As soon as the food has been prepared, it is placed in trays and immediately cooled from the cooking temperature (> 65ºC) to less than 3ºC in the centre of the product, in less than an hour and a half.

It is then immediately heat-sealed and subsequently stored at a controlled temperature in refrigerated chambers and the process is finished in refrigerated vehicles.

The result is food that maintains all its qualities; flavour, aroma, and textures with a maximum standard of hygiene. A new style of food with the advantages of traditional cooking.

We consider the school canteen to be of great educational value: from the beginning of their schooling pupils follow eating habits that favour a healthy lifestyle, and develop good table manners.

The canteen service is run by a team from Zürich Schule Barcelona, so that pupils receive optimum care and attention.

Any family that so wishes may contact the company and visit its facilities.

In the stages of Primary Education and Secondary Education a “canteen committee” is created with biweekly meetings where the pupils comment on aspects relating to the canteen and school playground.

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