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We know that the organisation of our children’s birthdays is always a complicated process.

At Zürich Schule Barcelona we have always tried to help families with unique celebrations. By doing this we want to facilitate the work of parents with a fun offer, organised and located at the school.

Koko Productions alters characters and shows, so that they are not repeated.

// Healthy snack

// Magic show / clown 1 hour 30 mins

// Children’s make-up

// Balloon modelling

// Games

// Magic

// Classroom/playground cleaning / Zürich Schule Barcelona Personnel

// School pupils + siblings

Where: 2, Ifni Street, or 73, Pearson Ave.

Length: 2 hours

Total price:

// 10 to 19 pupils: €300.00

// 20 to 29 pupils: €375.00

// 30 to 39 pupils: €400.00

Weekend supplement: €68.00

From when our pupils begin their schooling with us, we try to recommend to our families that they group together the celebration of birthdays by months: this idea stems from many comments from families, complaining about having to attend a lot of consecutive birthday parties in their free time in indoor play centres.

Zürich Schule Barcelona can offer the services of a fully recommended magician/clown, offering a show of 1 hour 30 minutes.

The positive thing about the offer is that the families of the classmates only have to come and pick up their children at the time specified by the organisers (approx. 2 hours after the end of classes).

The offer is made from EI2 to Primary Education and, if weather permits, can also be held outdoors.

Points to bear in mind:

// Only 1 adult will be required to be present during the show

// Magic/clown show 1 hour 30 mins

// Children’s make-up

// Classroom/playground cleaning

// Starting time: 4.35 p.m.

// Pick-up time: 6.30 p.m.

// Space reserved for the group in a classroom or playground (depending on the weather)

Only the relatives of the pupil whose party it is may attend.

// We recommend that only one present be given, which the magician KOKO will present at the end of his show.

// At 6.30 p.m. pupils must be picked up, as the areas must be cleaned.

// If you want to organise a party at the weekend, please check with the management.

// The birthday cake, if desired, should be brought by the family itself.

// Price depend on numbers attending (up to 30 children).

If you opt for a weekend, you will have to check timetables and availability.

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