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The education received in Zürich Schule is special and is deeply imprinted on the memory because the teachers are chosen in a very specific and precise way, a factor that is very noticeable in teaching and learning, at least in my case.”

Teachers like Juan José Aullón, Emi, Susi, Sánchez, Germán, and so many others that it is unfair not to mention, have given me a very special learning perspective.”

Few teachers manage to motivate so much and make learning a motivation rather than an obligation. Encouraging pupils to feel or find a fascination and interest from an early age makes for a surprising level of maturity and culture in the pupil on leaving school and serves as a solid basis for a new stage of life.”

It is an honour to have been one of the pioneers of this wonderful adventure.”

I have very nice memories of my time in Zürich Schule!”

I remember so much of my time in the kindergarten of Ifni Street, and years later in Rocabert Street  in Esplugues, before the centre at Pearson Ave. existed.”

Here’s to another 50 wonderful years!”

I hope that the Zürich school will continue to be the best school in Barcelona! I also hope that computer and business start-up classes will be taught again. Thank you for everything and for the German.”

Thinking about the past, I realize that a school never looked after its pupils so much as you did; my most sincere congratulations.”

You will always be a family for me.”

My time at Zürich Schule was wonderful! I would recommend it 100%!”

I am a former pupil and father: I am proud to see our children grow up with the same love and dedication in spite of the change of generation, and to see how the school keeps up-to-date with pedagogical innovation!”

They were unforgettable years…”

Wonderful time.”

I am proud to belong to the Zürich Schule family.”

The best years of my life – at ZSB I met the best friends in the world.”

They were very beautiful and enriching years, so my children are also former pupils.”

Great school! Great happiness during my school years!!! Wonderful memories of how to study Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry while having fun!”

The school was a fantastic experience.”

I remember those years with love.”

I work in a company

German / Switzerland / Austrian 26%
Other countries 16%
Local 38%
Own 20%

I have dedicated myself to the following career type…

Scientific 68%
Arts 21%
Artistic 7%
Sports 4%

German has opened doors for me in my career


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