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Zürich Schule Barcelona is a privately owned, non-subsidised, secular educational centre for Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education, which aims to help its pupils grow intellectually, emotionally and physically. It places emphasis on people and the relationships between them, encouraging a sense of belonging, participation and the involvement of the entire educational community in the school project.

The school wants families to be satisfied with the quality of education offered to their children. For this it must be understood that the Educational Project cannot be static but dynamic, and so its content must be continuously studied and reviewed.

Our mission as a school consists in promoting the holistic education of the pupils from the innovative and quality methodological practice in which the pupil is the protagonist of his or her learning and the teaching staff is their guide. We value the uniqueness of each pupil and promote the maximum development of their potential. We ensure that our learning community (pupils, teachers, families and administrative and service staff) is respectful to each of its members, with the social and cultural context, as well as with the environment. We take on the commitment to ensure, through our educational action, the well-being of the community itself as well as to contribute to achieving a peaceful, healthy and liveable world for everyone.

Our vision is to continue to be a school that promotes educational excellence for each of its pupils through its own Educational Project within the framework of the IB community. We highlight our commitment to society by continuing to reinforce our strengths as a multilingual, inclusive, innovative school, attentive to the scientific and technological progress of the moment and oriented in such a way that all members of our community develop and practise the international mentality of IB schools.

Our values consist of wishing to be a quality private educational centre, which aims to consolidate a learning, innovative, inclusive and intelligent school with a degree of autonomy that encourages the participation and shared responsibility of the entire educational community that forms it.

  • A school that learns: Zürich Schule Barcelona must constantly reflect on the dynamic nature of the school, its social commitment and its need to adapt to new challenges and demands. Basing our teaching work on this perspective requires modifications in concepts of the nature and functions of a school, in the way of selecting and training the professionals that form the team and in the way of organising the school.
  • Innovative: open to new proposals that improve the operation of the centre to share experiences and with the capacity for constant renewal.
  • Intelligent: understood as a living and complex organism. With competent professionals capable of working as a team, interested in continuous training and a good organisation and leadership to make the work of the entire community more effective and efficient in order to make the school a success.
  • Inclusive: that fosters a welcoming, affectionate and supportive environment where all pupils feel welcome and where their educational needs, learning capacity and well-being are taken into account, without ever forgetting their families. We cannot forget that the school welcomes many different families from all over the world.

We want these values to be present in all areas, activities, words and acts of the school, so that we all share a way of doing, being and thinking.

Our partners

We collaborate with different organizations and institutions that allow us to follow our values and take our vision further every day.

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