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Zürich Schule Barcelona has a Psycho-pedagogical Team consisting of two professionals who have been collaborating with the school for more than 30 years.

The Psycho-pedagogical Team provides support to families, pupils and teachers, coordinating action to be taken as required. They are an active part of the school management and are the precursors of Humanist Psychology on which the educational principles of the school are based.

To act according to the principles of Emotional Intelligence, the educator must carry out a maturing process that never ends: they are valid principles for anyone who is in contact with children and adolescents, from parents to teachers, to monitors and service personnel.

Our Psycho-pedagogical Team:

  • Supports, guides and advises pupils, families and teachers.
  • As necessary, it will carry out the corresponding psychodiagnostic assessment, as well as certain therapeutic proposals.
  • It forms part of the board of directors and participates in the evaluation meetings as well as in the stage meetings.

These points of reflection are characteristic of Humanist Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology as well as Systemic Psychology: to be effective they must be intimately experienced and must become authentic attitudes.

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