iPads at
Zürich Schule Barcelona


Implementing the iPad as a support tool in the classroom, a teaching and learning tool in our daily work, involves ongoing training for students and teachers alike.

In order to take maximum advantage of individual and group classroom work, tablet computers must meet the requirements that maximise their lifespan, which is approximately five years.

Incorporation of Technologies in Teaching: A Path to the Future

The integration of technologies in teaching opens a horizon of transformative possibilities for our educational practices and teaching methodologies. Our goal is clear: to leverage Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enrich learning and expand knowledge.

In the 21st century, the school has the duty and the opportunity to guide students in acquiring digital competencies, essential for their personal and professional development. Familiarity with technology begins at an early age in their homes, and it is imperative that formal education reflects and enhances this reality. From Primary Education, technology should be a tool that fosters autonomous and personalized learning, promoting significant changes in the organization and teaching methodology. Although the mere inclusion of technologies does not guarantee innovation, it can catalyze a deep reflection on how to improve our educational practices and school routines.

The Digital Strategy of the School (DSS) is presented as a fundamental pillar to improve educational outcomes and promote social cohesion. Planning the use of ICT in a strategic and effective way is essential to move towards a school with robust technological maturity, focused on the continuous improvement of its resources and practices. This effort must be a shared and coherent project of the entire educational community, thus ensuring that every step towards technological integration translates into true educational progress.

The future of education is bright and promising when we embrace technology with a reflective and collaborative approach. Together, we will build an educational system that not only prepares our students for the challenges of tomorrow but also inspires and motivates every member of the educational community to reach their full potential.

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