Preschool Education

Preschool Education

High quality and human-centred education to develop critical thinking skills.

Our courses

· KleinesZürich (ages two to three)
KleinesZürich is a member of Xarxa de Centres de Suport Familiar (Catalan Network of Family Support Centres)
· EI3 (ages three to four)
· EI4 (ages four to five)
· EI5 (ages five to six)


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Language immersion

At Zürich Schule Barcelona (ZSB), teaching in Preschool Education is entirely in German.

This tuition at such an early age is an enriching opportunity that favours children’s cognitive and linguistic development, without affecting the evolution of their mother tongue.

Catalan and English are gradually introduced in Primary Education.

By the end of their Secondary Education, students obtain a C1 Certificate in German and at least a B2 Certificate in English. Endorsed by the Goethe-Institut in Barcelona and Trinity College London, these certificates are processed by the school.

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is endorsed and certified by IB.

Atop of Barcelona

Located in Barcelona’s green area to ensure your children breathe a healthier air

The foundations of learning are laid during this most important level of education

Aware as we are of the importance of brain plasticity in the first years of life, we provide children with a rich and stimulating environment to ensure the learning process respects their characteristics and needs, thereby favouring their integral development, paying special attention to their physical and emotional well-being. Sensitivity and respect for individual differences, nature and the environment are fostered from earliest childhood.

Experimentation and play are fundamental learning strategies through which we encourage children's creativity and respond to their curiosity and desire to learn. Children are at the centre of their own education, which they construct under the guidance of their teachers and in collaboration with their families.

These educational strategies are designed to promote the competencies established in the Preschool Education curriculum, which unfold in a specific linguistic and cultural framework. The teaching and learning language at this level is German, although they also come into contact with Spanish and Catalan, which are used in their initiation to writing and motor skills. Given the uniqueness of the school's linguistic project, class groups are small, favouring interactive communication and personalised attention.

Pupils are actively involved in the preparation and celebration of German holidays and cultural traditions (Sankt Martin [St Martin's Day], Nikolaus [St Nicholas], Advent, Osterhase [Easter Bunny]) as well as local festivities (Castanyada [Halloween], Tió [Yule Log], Sant Jordi [St George's Day], Carnestoltes [Carnival], etc. As a result, they grow up in a plural linguistic and cultural context that enables them to build the bases of a diverse and changing world, and we comply with UNESCO recommendations for education in the twenty-first century, known as the four pillars: LEARNING TO KNOW, LEARNING TO DO, LEARNING TO LIVE TOGETHER AND LEARNING TO BE.

The school year is divided into four-monthly periods, and families are duly informed of our learning goals through communications we call Didactic Objectives.

All subjects are imparted in German, except for reading and writing, motor skills and swimming, which are taught in Spanish and Catalan. In all these fields of study our methodology strengthens the innate potential of children.

Preschool Education is organised around the four pillars of knowledge defined in the report 'Education for the Twenty-First Century' drawn up for UNESCO:

  • Learning to know
  • Learning to do
  • Learning to live together
  • Learning to be

These four aspects will help favour our students' integral development. They are explained in detail in formative and informative meetings.

KleinesZürich (age two) to EI4 pupils may be brought to school at 7.45 a.m., and must be picked up in the afternoon between 4.00 and 4.45 p.m.

EI5 students (Avinguda de Pearson) may be dropped off between 7.45 and 8.20 a.m. This is NOT a free service.

Growing together for over fifty years

Any questions?

Do you need further information? We’re here to help! If you should have any questions about our school, educational approach, school programmes, admission requirements or any other matter, don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

Our staff are committed to providing you with answers and guidance to ensure you make the best possible decision regarding your child’s education. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this educational journey!

What impression do we make?

Germano Guggino

'This school has high academic standards and children receive warm responsive attention. Multiculturalism is the norm. Teaching and administrative staff are always available and happy to solve problems.'

Juliana Pometti

'We are more than happy with the Zürich school. Our son has adapted very well and has enjoyed the support and understanding of the entire teaching staff.'

Pablo Mena

'We're very grateful to the school — our son learnt a lot, made friends, and we returned to Ecuador very pleased with how our needs were met. We thank the whole school for having been so good with Julián.'

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