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The app for Zürich Schule Barcelona families (AppZSB)

Zürich Schule Barcelona is continually adapting to technology updates. Historically, multiple tools have been used to communicate with families, and this can be cumbersome for both, families and school.
Today we offer a single point of access to information and communication with the school. With our platform, parents, students and school can focus all communication and information through any device. The school, just a click away.

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Today's education system is adapting to the use of new technologies, and schools are using a range of information channels to communicate with students' families, which can be a hassle.

The Dinantia platform provides a single point of access to the school's information, enabling students and parents to channel communications on their mobile phones. The school is just a click away.

All messages sent by the school will be received in the form of push notifications, resembling WhatsApp messages, on the device (mobile phone or tablet) on which the app is installed. Calendar events will be communicated the same way. Sending and receiving messages is cost-free, as is downloading the app.

Files can be attached to messages. The school may send reports, photos, videos or other documents you can print out, send on or share.
Families can also send messages with attachments, which may come in handy to excuse absences, sign documents, etc.

Through our digital platform, Zürich Schule Barcelona may send you messages to request your authorisation for school outings, arrange meetings, confirm and excuse your child's absences, carry out anonymous opinion surveys, etc. All authorisations signed on the Zürch Schule Barcelona App (AppZSB) are legally valid.
As a parent, you'll only see the events related to your own child/children on the school calendar, and students will only see those that refer to them individually. Parents with more than one child at the school will be able to clearly distinguish the events related to each child thanks to the use of different colours. You can sync all school calendar events with your Google and iPhone calendars.
The Zürich Schule Barcelona App (AppZSB) includes an assistant feature thanks to which the school can take the register to control attendance, absence and lateness. If your child misses school, you will receive an automatic notification. You may excuse their absence and even attach a file or supporting document from your mobile phone.

Our digital platform includes the Stop Bullying tool that enables students and parents to report cases of bullying and receive counselling. The school appoints someone whose job it is to deal with bullying.

Communication through this tool is anonymous, and users decide whether they wish to reveal their identity. All communications are encrypted to guarantee confidentiality.

The days of browsing through a seven-page PDF file on your mobile phone to know what your children have had to eat are over. The school's daily menu is now just a click away.
Downloading the app and installing it on your phone or tablet is free of charge. The same account can be used on several devices. If you should decide not to install the app you will receive school messages via e- mail. You may also access them from the school website.

Having more than one child at the school will never lead to information being duplicated. Adding profile photos of your children will help discern who the messages are meant for.

Although the Zürich Schule Barcelona App (AppZSB) is a mobile app, you'll never be asked to give your mobile phone number to use it. All we need is your e-mail address, that will only be known to the school's administrators. On our digital platform, communication will only ever be between the school and individual families; you will not receive communications from other parents, who will not be able to access your contact details.

News will be posted on the school's social media wall. Parents will receive notifications of posts on their mobile phones, and they can add likes and even make comments in a controlled environment, which encourages their involvement in school life. The school's social wall, therefore, is an ideal place for boosting the visibility of news.

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