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1st Klasse
4th Klasse
(6-7 years old)
(9-10 years old)
2nd Klasse
5th Klasse
(7-8 years old)
(10-11 years old)
3rd Klasse
6th Klasse
(8-9 years old)
(11-12 years old)

We intensify the teaching

The educational focus of this stage is the continuity of the educational model employed in our preschool education, adapting the didactic organisation and approach to the characteristics and needs of the pupils at this stage, which is explained in our School Educational Project (PEC). It gives special importance to encourage autonomy, responsibility, motivation and socialisation in pupils. We define ourselves as a welcoming school that ensures the well-being and good treatment of the entire educational community.

The German language continues to have a significant role in learning, so that team teaching (two teachers in the classroom) is boosted to enhance better pupil learning and development; in this way it is easier to devote much more personal attention.

As an international school, English language learning is introduced in the middle years programme so that pupils have a good command of German, English, Spanish and Catalan.

The aim of the methodological approach is for pupils to develop the skills of the stage curriculum. This development is based on a teaching-learning model originating in the principles of enquiry, making it easier for pupils to transfer strategies, skills and acquired attitudes to other learning environments throughout their lives.

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