Primary Education

Primary Education

High quality and human-centred education to develop critical thinking skills.

Our courses

· 1. Klasse (ages six to seven)
· 2. Klasse (ages seven to eight)
· 3. Klasse (ages eight to nine)
· 4. Klasse (ages nine to ten)
· 5. Klasse (ages ten to eleven)
· 6. Klasse (ages eleven to twelve)

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Language immersion

At Zürich Schule Barcelona (ZSB), teaching in Preschool Education is entirely in German.

This tuition at such an early age is an enriching opportunity that favours children’s cognitive and linguistic development, without affecting the evolution of their mother tongue.

The teaching of Spanish, Catalan and English is gradually introduced in Primary Education.

By the end of their Secondary Education, students obtain a C1 Certificate in German and at least a B2 Certificate in English. Endorsed by the Goethe-Institut in Barcelona and Trinity College London, these certificates are processed by the school.

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is endorsed and certified by IB.

Atop of Barcelona

Located in Barcelona’s green area to ensure your children breathe a healthier air.

We maximise teaching

The educational approach during this level follows on from that of our Preschool Education, although the organisation and didactic model are adapted to the characteristics and needs of Primary Education students. Our approach is explained in detail in our Centre's Education Project (PEC, for its initials in Spanish), that stresses the importance of encouraging students' independence, responsibility, motivation and socialisation. We define ourselves as a friendly school that strives to promote well-being and respect among the entire educational community.

The German language continues to play a significant role in our school. We favour co-teaching (two teachers per classroom). Dedicating personal attention to students improves their learning and development.

Being as we are an international school, English is introduced in 3. Klasse of Primary Education to ensure students obtain a good command of four languages: German, English, Spanish and Catalan.

Our methodological approach is designed for students to acquire the competencies at this curricular level through a teaching and learning model based on the principles of all research. We encourage students to extend the strategies, skills and attitudes they glean to other learning environments throughout their lives.

Mobile technology is a useful resource in our students' development and learning processes. Implementing the iPad as a teaching and learning tool in our daily work involves ongoing training for students and teachers alike.

Any questions?

Do you need further information? We’re here to help! If you should have any questions about our school, educational approach, school programmes, admission requirements or any other matter, don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

Our staff are committed to providing you with answers and guidance to ensure you make the best possible decision regarding your child’s education. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this educational journey!

What impression do we make?

Germano Guggino

'This school has high academic standards and children receive warm responsive attention. Multiculturalism is the norm. Teaching and administrative staff are always available and happy to solve problems.'

Juliana Pometti

'We are more than happy with the Zürich school. Our son has adapted very well and has enjoyed the support and understanding of the entire teaching staff.'

Pablo Mena

'We're very grateful to the school — our son learnt a lot, made friends, and we returned to Ecuador very pleased with how our needs were met. We thank the whole school for having been so good with Julián.'

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