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At Zürich Schule Barcelona (ZSB) we understand teaching as a set of actions designed to facilitate the learning process, which we define as the interaction between the student and the object of knowledge. Our vision of teaching pervades the three levels of our educational project.

Three levels

Preschool (Nursery school) Education is imparted at the Kindergarten, a small oasis located at 2, Carrer d'Ifni, opposite beautiful Santa Amèlia park. Small in size, the school provides personal attention to each child, nurturing a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Adopting the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of IB schools, we encourage curiosity and critical thinking from a very early age. Our proximity and individual approach guarantee an integral development, improving the self-confidence, creativity and interpersonal skills of our pupils and implementing an internationally renowned curriculum.

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Preschool Education

At Primary Education level, each pupil continues to receive individual attention, which fosters a close and considerate environment. Adopting the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of IB schools, we encourage curiosity and critical thinking from a very early age. Moreover, we offer a unique four-language approach, strengthening German, introducing English and progressing in Spanish and Catalan. This enriching combination provides our pupils with solid pedagogical and linguistic capacities to face a global future.

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Primary Education

Implementing the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of IB schools, we promote critical thinking and questioning. Our emphasis on German leads to a well-grounded command of the language with the objective of passing level C1 and obtaining the official Goethe-Institut certificate, and the Trinity College London certificate for English level B2 (at least). Furthermore, Zürich Schule Barcelona has a long-standing distinction in the scientific field.

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Secondary Education

Our students graduate upon completing their fourth year of Secondary Education, which grants them direct access to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), a reflection of our educational excellence. In addition, we have been maintaining a fruitful collaboration for over forty years with Escuela Suiza de Barcelona (ESB). In order to help students broaden their intellectual and professional horizons, besides preparing them to access the Spanish bachillerato (baccalaureate) we offer them the possibility of accessing other equivalent options, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), the German Abitur, the Swiss Matura, the US High School Diploma and the British A-Level Programme.

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International Baccalaureate (IB) | Bachillerato Internacional

Developing critical thinking skills

Respecting diversity and different learning rhythms

Cultivating research and scientific systematisation

Favouring teamwork

We understand continuous assessment as an opportunity to research the learning process in order to improve it. Small groups allow us to further explore this vision of how to assess our students.

Zürich Schule Barcelona (ZSB) celebrates typical Catalan, Swiss, Austrian and German traditions and customs, supporting cultural exchange and enrichment.

Language immersion

Zürich Schule Barcelona (ZSB) teaches in four languages: German, Spanish, English and Catalan.

One of the factors we are forced to examine in today’s economic and communication globalisation is the increase in migratory movements, which obliges us to consider future language teaching from a multilingual rather than a traditional perspective. These new realities cannot be addressed from the conventional methodological framework of one mother tongue and second languages (or foreign languages), but instead require innovative education projects that accept and take advantage of linguistic diversity both in formal and non-formal education.

The multilingual approach at Zürich Schule Barcelona (ZSB) is a learning method based on intercultural communication as a model for social integration. Together with the learning of new languages, it is a way of expanding knowledge and experience.

Multilingual education favours the learning of new languages and stimulates children's curiosity. Receiving this education at a very early age is an enriching opportunity that promotes children's cognitive and linguistic development with no negative effects on the evolution of their mother tongue.

We are aware that for many families, Zürich Schule Barcelona (ZSB) represents an ideal educational model for attaining a good command of German and the other languages acquired at school. Nonetheless, we would like to point out that at the different stages of schooling, our essence is not only the added value of languages but also a firm commitment to the promotion of scientific knowledge.

Our students experience a comprehensive educational enrichment thanks to the commitment and dedication of our Science Department, which works with didactic materials and resources specifically designed to promote scientific learning. Our curricular programme transcends the basic competencies established by the education authorities, and ensures our students obtain an exceptional level of scientific knowledge.

At Zürich Schule Barcelona we believe that education should be a complete process encompassing both language skills and scientific knowledge. This holistic approach is reflected in our commitment to excellence in both fields, which allows our students to develop their potential to the full and prepare for a future filled with opportunities.

If you should wish to obtain further information concerning our educational approach or have any other queries, please don't hesitate in contacting us. We're happy to provide you with additional details and help you make the right decisions as regards your child's education.

Digital competence

Use of technology at Zürich Schule Barcelona (ZSB)

Ours is an increasingly digitised world in which technology influences all areas of life. At Zürich Schule Barcelona we recognise the importance of adapting to this reality.

Our approach to digital competence dates back to 2014, when we first introduced technology in our education programme. This enables us to prepare our students for a constantly changing world.

We believe in the importance of diversity in the classroom and use technology (including iPads) as a tool for improving teaching and learning. We must remember, however, that iPads are used to support teachers and students alike, and that their use requires continuous training for all those involved.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, technology played a key role in education. As a part of our approach and commitment to active, cooperative and personalised learning, we work with an external collaborator certified by Apple to guarantee that our teachers, students and families become informed digital citizens.

Data privacy and security are essential. We use the Device Enrolment Program (DEP), Managed Apple ID and Apple School Manager (ASM) to abide by data protection rules.

We are committed to offering high-quality learning experiences and continue to work with the whole educational community to ensure an effective use of technology. We shall presently be informing of the dates of workshops and other events to attain this objective.

At Zürich Schule Barcelona, we embrace technology’s potential for enriching education and preparing our students for a world in constant evolution.

Today’s world of technology and communication has transformed iPad into a useful and necessary tool for our students’ development and in the teaching and learning processes.

The idea is for technology and its use to improve the processes of teaching and learning, assessment and organisation that unfold on a daily basis in the students’ surroundings, the school and the classroom. We must not forget that the benefits of digital technology in students’ learning processes do not derive exclusively from its introduction in educational centres but also from the appropriate and responsible use we make of it.

In areas such as attention to diversity, students’ motivation and the combined use of different educational methods, digital technology is a valuable tool for teachers.

We must remember that iPads are used to support teachers and students alike, and that their introduction in the school’s daily activity implies ongoing training for teachers, students and their families.

Our methodological choice of the IB education system we have been forced to redefine the role played by technology in our new school framework. Zürich Schule Barcelona has introduced new teaching and learning tools to improve students’ growth and a philosophy that enables us to design active, cooperative, personalised learning experiences capable of transforming students into creators who believe in the value of their work.

The latest updates of the IOS operating system totally agree with this vision, which explains why we work with Microgestió, Apple technology partner. Their professionalism throughout the school year guarantees that our teachers, students and families become informed digital citizens and offers us the training itineraries we require so that the use of iPads meets our learning needs and expectations. Exercising our joint responsibility, at the meetings held at the beginning of the school year we shall inform parents of the dates of workshops and programmed events that will enable us to join forces in the use of technology.

Free tools such as the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Managed Apple ID and Apple School Manager (ASM) ensure at all times the content validity of and compliance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), data privacy and security, and facilitate data management.

School policies at Zürich Schule Barcelona (ZSB)

Our chief object is to support the decision-making process, developing organisational, school and communal policies that are at once accessible and relevant, and making practical suggestions regarding the main educational challenges. It is essential that all members of the learning community at Zürich Schule Barcelona be familiar with these documents.

Zürich Schule Barcelona policies are living, dynamic documents that are revised each year. Their purpose is to work continuously on a common pedagogical core that takes children, parents, educators and non-teaching staff into consideration.

Zürich Schule Barcelona (ZSB) policies:

Any questions?

Do you need further information? We’re here to help! If you should have any questions about our school, educational approach, school programmes, admission requirements or any other matter, don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

Our staff are committed to providing you with answers and guidance to ensure you make the best possible decision regarding your child’s education. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this educational journey!

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