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In Zürich Schule Barcelona we understand teaching as a set of actions that intentionally facilitate the learning process, defining this as the interaction between the pupil and the object of knowledge. Our vision of teaching extends through the three educational stages that comprise our project.

Developing the critical spirit

Respecting the diversity of abilities and learning rhythms

Promoting research and scientific systematisation

Encouraging teamwork

We use continuous evaluation as an opportunity to investigate the learning process in order to improve it. Small groups allow us to refine this vision of how to evaluate our pupils.

Both traditions and customs of Catalonia and Switzerland, Austria or Germany are celebrated, favouring cultural exchange and enrichment.

Linguistic immersion

The learning process is carried out in four languages: German, Spanish, Catalan and English.

We are in the middle of a process of economic and communications globalisation in which we must also consider the increase in migratory movements, which forces us to consider the linguistic education of the future from a multilingual perspective, as distinct from the traditional one. These new realities cannot be approached from the conventional methodological perspectives of mother tongue and second or foreign languages, but rather on developing innovative educational projects that recognise, and above all take advantage of, the benefits of linguistic diversity both in formal and non-formal education.

The multilingual education imparted at Zürich Schule Barcelona is a learning model that contains intercultural communication as the basis for integration into society. Learning new languages allows for wider possibilities of knowledge and experience.

Multilingual education encourages the learning of new languages ​​and stimulates the child’s curiosity. This learning at a very young age offers the opportunity for self-enrichment and promotes cognitive and linguistic development, without affecting the development of the mother tongue.

Many families see in Zürich Schule Barcelona an ideal educational model for mastering German and other languages acquired during schooling.

Even so, we would like to emphasise that the essence of the school, at all levels, is not only based on the added value of languages, but that Zürich Schule Barcelona is strongly committed to knowledge in the field of science: our pupils acquire a high level thanks to the work of the Science Department, which uses its own material and a syllabus that far exceeds the basic skills laid down by educational bodies.

Use of technology

We use the iPad a useful and necessary resource for the development and teaching-learning processes of our pupils. The device in question is only an extra aid for the teacher and pupils, and implementing the use of the iPad in our day-to-day activity involves ongoing training for teachers, pupils and families.

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