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The Secondary Education stage represents the final stage in the Zürich Schule Barcelona curriculum.

It encompasses four decisive years in which the pupils must be prepared for the last two years of Baccalaureate before going to university.

Because we know the needs of each pupil, please consult the tutor and management concerning the options of Baccalaureate, and please follow as far as possible the natural next step recommended by the school to continue with the school’s language and science commitment.

The number of subjects increases and with it the standards required.

Secondary Education is oriented towards the learning of the skills of this stage’s curriculum, emphasising the mastery of the school’s languages. In this way, managed by the school itself, the pupil obtains the official C1 certificate of German, accredited by the Goethe-Institut in Barcelona, and, as a minimum, the B2 level in English, accredited by Trinity College, London.

At this stage, the teaching is oriented towards consolidating the skills and attitudes necessary to “learn to learn”, as well as towards encouraging teamwork, effort and personal reflection.

We consider it important to promote the involvement and responsibility of pupils in social activities, inside and outside the school. In the school itself, they participate in the preparation of celebrations for younger pupils, as reading buddies and in ski week. They also help with the neighbourhood soup kitchen.

At the same time, the tutorial action takes on an essential relevance in order to accompany and guide pupils in their development needs, as well as in the process of choosing the Baccalaureate model that corresponds to their interests and motivations. Activities are organised to inform pupils about experiences of entrepreneurs and the university and business worlds.

Zürich Schule Barcelona prepares all its pupils for any type of Baccalaureate and collaborates closely with national and international centres that offer International Baccalaureate (IB): German, Swiss, English, etc.

The school and the teachers responsible also guide families to determine what type of Baccalaureate is appropriate for each pupil.

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