'Learning at Zürich Schule is a special experience that remains deep in your memory because they choose their teachers very carefully, and this has a great influence on the learning process, in my case at least.'

'Teachers like Juan José Aullón, Emi, Susi, Sánchez, Germán and so many others that it would be unfair not to mention have given me a very special vision of learning.'

'Few teachers succeed in motivating students so much and making the process of learning an inspiration rather than an obligation. Given that pupils are stimulated from a very early age to draw their interest to learning, when they leave school their levels of maturity and culture are surprising and become a solid base for their next stage in life.'

'It's an honour to be among the pioneers of this wonderful adventure.'

'I have very pleasant recollections of my time at Zürich Schule!'

'I have many memories of the time I spent at the nursery school on Carrer d'Ifni, and years later of Calle Rocabert in Esplugues, before the school on Avinguda de Pearson existed.'

'Here's to the next fifty wonderful years!'

'I hope the Zürich school continues to be the best school in Barcelona! I also hope that they teach computer science and business creation again. I thank them for everything and for the German.'

'Thinking of the past, I've realised that no other school looked after its students as well as you did. My sincerest congratulations.'

'I will always consider you family.'

'My time at Zürich Schule was wonderful! I recommend it 100%!'

'As a former student and a father, I'm proud to watch our children grow up surrounded by the same affection and dedication, despite the change of generation, and to see how the school is modernising its educational methods!'

'They were unforgettable years …'

'A wonderful period.'

'Proud to belong to the Zürich Schule family.'

'The best years of my life. At ZSB I made my greatest friends.'

'Those years were very pleasant and enriching, which is why now my own children have become former students.'

'A great school! I was very happy during my time at the school and have wonderful memories of how we studied maths, physics and chemistry having a blast!'

'The school was a marvellous experience.'

'I remember those years very fondly.'

Former students work in companies

Based in Germany / Switzerland / Austria: 26%
Based in other countries: 16%
Based locally: 38%
Of their own: 20%

Former students have followed careers in

Science: 68%
Humanities: 21%
The arts: 7%
Sports: 4%

German has opened professional doors for former students

Command of German has opened professional doors for me: 90%
Command of German has not opened professional doors for me: 10%

Universities to which our alumni have gained access

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