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Zürich Schule Barcelona – together with the neighbouring schools Thau and Solc – has a school transport service with eight routes that cover, from the Olympic Village, the entire city of Barcelona and the neighbouring region of “Baix Llobregat”. The service is coordinated by the Zürich Schule Barcelona office (secretaria@zurichschule.com) and supervised both by Zürich Schule Barcelona and Escola Thau.

Zürich Schule Barcelona also has, in addition to the above, a route through the Vallès (Sant Cugat del Vallès, Cerdanyola del Vallès, etc.) as well as a shuttle service, both operated by the GrandLord Bus company (info@grandlordbus.com).

Shuttle service:

Mornings: Ifni Street – Pearson Ave.

Afternoons: Pearson Ave. – Ifni Street

FREE service for families with children in both centres (73, Pearson Ave., and 2, Ifni Street.) In all coaches there is a fixed person to accompany the pupils, who knows each of them on the route and who ensures their safety and maintains order inside the vehicle throughout the journey. You may contact this person at any time by mobile phone.

Coach drivers have extensive experience in school transportation.

All vehicles comply with current school transport regulations and are subject to all regulatory technical inspections.

All coaches are equipped with seat belts that pupils must use.

Inside the coach and throughout the trip, the accompanying person and the driver are the highest authority, and all pupils using this service must follow their instructions.

Pupils’ behaviour throughout the journey is subject to the Zürich Schule Barcelona rules and regulations.

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